“Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.” – Jesus

On Wednesday, September 23, the students of Barclay College embarked on a mission – A mission to go out and serve others in the name Jesus. Classes were cancelled, and the students were released to go out and serve the community. What is unique about this mission is that the students themselves were allowed to choose how they served, with the only guidelines being “change the world.” Armed with youthful vigor and a heart for the Lord, the students went out and accomplished some amazing things.

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With an area of impact stretching all the way to Wichita, students, on their own initiative, helped remodel a future women’s shelter, served the homeless, fellowshipped with the elderly, and help beautify the region through restoration projects. Throughout the day, not only did they bless others, but they, in turn, were blessed by the people they met along their journey. These projects, along with others, helped shine the light of life through Central Kansas.

The book of James states that our faith should be shown to others by what we do, not merely what we believe. In this day and age, the church should not be known merely by its words, but by its actions, as the hands and feet of Christ. It is the hope that the Community Service Day will open the eyes of the students to the opportunities for them to serve all around them. Not only that, the hope and prayer is that the fire of service will be ignited in their hearts, so that, day by day, they strive to make the world a better place, for the glory of God.