Click below for a Special Invitation from Dave Ferguson, main speaker at the 2018 National Friends Church Multiplication Conference!

Together to Multiply!

National Friends Church Multiplication Conference

August 1-3, 2018

A gathering of evangelically-minded Friends leaders, students, and others who have a heart for church planting and who want to be faithful to do our part to fulfill the Great Commission through the Friends Church.

WHY: The needs around us have never been greater, both in our wider society and among Friends.  From coast-to-coast, more and more men and women are praying that the Lord would pour out His Spirit in such a way that it gives birth to a church multiplication movement, not seen among Friends in this country since the late 19th century. This conference is a part of that vision – to bring together evangelically-minded Friends to be inspired, to learn, to encourage one another, to pray, and to continue to move toward that missional goal!  God hasn’t asked us to win the whole world to Christ by ourselves, but He has entrusted to us a slice of the gospel pie.  We want to be faithful to do our part to fulfill the Great Commission and contribute to a multiplication movement!

WHAT: The NFCMC will feature inspirational messages, “best practice” workshops, and time for fellowship and synergistic networking with other forward-looking Friends from around the country.  Recognizing that it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people, a number of different methods and approaches will be discussed.  This conference will be informative, stirring, and help us refocus on God’s call with a “gates of hell shall not prevail against it” passion.  Christ is in the process of building His Church.  With God’s help, we need to prayerfully consider how we might shed a maintenance-mentality and stir up a strategic church multiplication movement.

WHO WILL BE SPEAKING: Dave Ferguson – Lead Pastor of COMMUNITY Christian Church in Naperville, IL. Dave loves helping people find their way back to God and starting new churches. Dave also provides visionary leadership for NewThing, an international church-planting mission. He is President of the Exponential Conference, equipping church planting leaders around the world. He is the author of The BIG IDEA (2007), Exponential (2010), On The Verge (2011), Discover Your Mission Now (2013) and Finding Your Way Back To God (2014). Dave will come with a special message for Friends you won’t want to miss!

WHO SHOULD COME: Many people will find this conference stirring and relevant, including: those who are interested in church planting, have started a new church, plan to start a new church, or would like to find out more about the possibility of starting a new church. Pastors of potential mother churches, those with an apostolic vision to start a number of churches, or those who see themselves in a supportive role to start new churches will each have their minds and hearts stretched and encouraged!  Outreach or “home missions” committee members, small group leaders, and many others will find great benefit from this dynamic experience! Students and young adults who have a vision to make a difference in the world for Christ are especially urged to attend.  This conference will provide a strategic mix of younger and older leaders.

JOIN THE STORY! This conference is an extension of the growing events held in 2013, 2014 and 2016.  Although planners anticipated originally that only 30-40 might attend the first gathering (which would have been a great start), the first conference brought together 100 Friends who affirmed a commitment to support and encourage a church multiplication movement!  Follow-up conferences were demanded by popular request, including this one.  These grass-roots efforts have given birth to a National Friends Prayer Network with a regular newsletter, a website (, an inspirational quarterly “Catalyst Conversation” video conference, and a leadership team of Friends from around the country: Multiplication Catalyst Ministries.    God’s heart is for the world.  Church multiplication is part of His mission.  We sense His leading and want to join Him in this story that He is writing.  But we are still in the toddler stage of development.  We need God’s help, and yours.  We are praying and anticipating that the 2018 NFCMC will help us take those next steps forward together to make a difference in this country and world for Christ!

WHERE: The campus of Barclay College, Haviland, Kansas.


Registration Fee (includes meals, materials, conference expenses, etc.):
By August 1 – $160/person

Lodging on Campus (based on double occupancy for two nights): $40/person

Total Costs (for those who stay on campus):
By August 1 – $200/person

Special Student Rate (for Portland Seminary, Azusa Pacific Seminary, and Barclay College students) – $95/person (includes both registration fees and lodging).

Pre- or Post-Conference Fees: For those who would like to arrive early or stay late, the cost is an additional $30/person per day to cover the costs of food and lodging.

Jim Le Shana, NFCMC Planning Team, 607 N. Kingman, Haviland, KS, 67059.
Work – 620-862-5252
Cell – 714-337-7596