Saturday October 1st at 9:00am, the 85th Barclay College Auxiliary sale and auction will be held at Hockett Auditorium on the Barclay College campus. This is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with former classmates and friends. Come bid against one another in the spirit of friendship to bring needed funds to help Barclay College continue its mission of training students for life, service, and leadership.

You can expect quilts, antiques, handmade crafts, pantry fillers, and much more! You may find some great deals, but you can also expect to see a German chocolate cake sell for a couple thousand dollars. That was one of last year’s highlight sales. There was also a 1961 Chevrolet Apache Pickup, which brought in some buyers who would not normally attend. It’s hard to say what special items there may be this year, so you are welcome to come a few days in advance to have a look for yourself.

The Ladies Auxiliary thanks all attenders, and an extra thank you to those who contribute or purchase items. All proceeds directly benefit Barclay College. If you would like to help with concessions or in other ways, contact Larry Lewis or call 620-862-5252.

September 27 –30, 2016

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Come and enjoy a week at Barclay College.

The Senior Camp is for all of those who would like to enjoy some time together doing activities that senior citizens enjoy.


Two people sharing a room $334.97ea.
Single person in a private room $334.97ea.
Program & meals only $65ea.
Program & meals plus RV parking $110ea.
(additional guest) $65ea.

Prices include meals, lodging and programing from Tuesday evening supper through Friday lunch.

Please send your registration with a $50 deposit by September 10. Make your registration to the college and it takes care of room and meal reservations. If rooms are available following the September 10 registration deadline, registrations will still be accepted. Deposits are refundable if cancellation is necessary.


Music and Drama

  • Barclay Homecoming Musical
  • The Price is Right
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Name that Tune
  • Family Feud
  • To Tell the Truth
  • Meet the Quacker (Puppet show)
  • Laura Haviland Book Review by Dr. Sheryl White


  • Barclay College Campus
  • Greensburg Greentown
  • Haviland Historical
  • Kiowa County Historical
  • Kiowa County Senior Center
  • Antiquing Adventure

Outdoor Activities

  • Kayaking/Canoeing/Fishing
  • Back road 4X4 Wheeling
  • Trail way and Highway biking
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Morning/Afternoon with Dr. Fred Johnson

Misc. Indoor Activities

  • Quilting
  • Table games
  • Jigsaw puzzles

Bring your own equipment for golfing, biking, tennis, 4×4 trip. If you do not bring these items the college will have them available for you.
Guests enjoy spacious air conditioned rooms. You get four days and three nights of meals, rooms and campus programing. Lodging is at the Watchman Inn with shuttle service provided. Do not contact the motel. Barclay College has made all the arrangements and will pay all charges.
Schedule includes a selection of morning and afternoon activities , refreshments, fellowship and musical programs.
Stay for the SALE
October 1th.

Bring your own road bikes, mountain bikes or trail bikes for bike rides and your 4×4 trucks. If you are not able to bring yours, the college will have some on hand for you to use.
You will enjoy being a part of, “Name That Tune,” “To Tell The Truth,” “The Price Is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

Visit Kaleo Academy’s Website

The group that formed around George Fox and started the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was known as the Valiant Sixty. Those early Quakers were young and passionate in telling people about Jesus, the One who can speak to every person’s condition.

Kaleo Academy is looking for the new Valiant Sixty, young people who are ready to answer the call and help lead the Friends church into the future!