September 30 – October 3

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You will be staying in spacious air conditioned rooms with connected baths.


The college has 4 camping stations with all the amenities for camping. The local Thresher   Show Grounds could set up about eight locations for campers with electricity and water only.


Here is your chance to enjoy all of the fun you can have with a 4×4 and the sandy back roads of Haviland.  Dr. and Mrs. Halverstadt will do their best to not get you stuck (not really).  During the ride you will see an outdoor park with exotic animals. You may even get to tour the “4 bay home” that Ron Kendall is building.  You will also enjoy a break at the German Baptist pastry shop. If you do not have your own 4×4, I may loan you mine.


You will want to be a part of such old standards as “The Price is Right,” “To Tell the Truth,” Family Feud,” “Wheel of Fortune” and “What’s That Tune?”  Since you have always wanted to be on these shows, here’s your chance. 


This is a ten mile, one way, bike trip.  It will provide a stop at a convenience store to “catch your breath.”  You may bring your own bicycle or one will be provided.  You will need a mountain bike or a highway bike for this.  You need to be a little healthy to make this trip.  The guide for the trip is Dr. David Williams.


This back trail trip lasts for seven miles. It is down the back roads and along an abandoned highway bed.  You need a trail bike or something that can handle sandy roads real well. The guide for this is experienced riders, Pete and Gayle Zook.  They have already planned for bicycles you may ride – or bring your own.


Haviland is the closest incorporated city to the Brenham Meteorite Field.  This field of meteorites is one of the most highly recognized fields of meteorites in the world.  In 1995 the largest pallasite meteorite that was ever found had landed near Barclay’s President’s home.  We are all pleased that the meteorite missed it. J The museum carries a selection of meteorite jewelry.  You may want to wear some home.


You’ll feel like you have caught your dream whether you catch a fish or not.  The guide for this experience is Jon Folkerts, the master outdoorsman.  He takes you to t (which is really a pond) where you can fish to your hearts content.  The pond is spring fed, which means it’s always full of water.  Bring your own rod and reel, or use one of ours.


Your tour will begin at Hall’s Flea Market in Wellsford, 4 miles from Haviland. Next you will get to visit the home of Carol Brown where you will be captivated by the antique furniture, and stories Carol can tell (which will surprise you).  Then you may enjoy the Antique Junction, right here in Haviland – one of the nicest antique venues in the area.  So, during this trip you experience the best of three worlds.


This will take you back to the music you love.  If you have never seen a Gaither Homecoming you will not know what to expect.  But if you have, you’ll know you won’t want to miss it.


If you are into the sports, here is your chance to shine.  We have the equipment, but if you want to bring your own, do it. Who knows, you may be the camp’s champ in your sport.


The story of Haviland’s own namesake, Laura Haviland, is a remarkable story.  Laura was small of stature but a giant when it came to making things happen.  The Book review by the author will inspire you to want to read the book. The author will even place her signature in you own personal copy.


By the end of two days you may have heard about some things you had to miss and wished you had opportunity to do them.  Wednesday evening you will get to choose your Thursday morning activity. It will be a good feeling to be able to go home knowing you got to do what you wanted to do.


You will be surprised what you will learn about the city of Haviland and the County of Kiowa.  There will be a bus tour with our own V.P. for Registration and Records, Dr. Glenn Leppert, as narrator.  He has a ready knowledge of this city and the County of Kiowa.  The narration will be micked so you won’t even need your hearing aids.


This visit will give you an opportunity to enjoy the activities at the Kiowa County Senior Center .You will enjoy the Wii Bowling game, pool, table games, outdoor games including horse shoes and the walking path.


During your time at camp you will enjoy singing and listening to music you love.  With a little drama and time with Quacker, the puppet, and you’ll feel at home with people you like.


This will be an unbelievable story of the disappearance of our neighboring city of Greensburg.  The disappearance of the town was by a tornado in 2008 and now, its rebirth.  You will see the new hospital, commons building, high school and the old soda fountain where you may have ordered a soda at some other time.


This is your opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Fred, author and Professor Emeritus.  His beautiful home, in the newest neighborhood of Haviland, will bless your soul and fill you full.  During your time, you may play croquet, horseshoes or sit on his wonderful second floor veranda and see the country prairies.


Enjoy some time at the new museum with Doc Rock.  The museum is for showing how God created everything. You may even get to see some things you have never seen before, and maybe The Doc will give you a Rock. 


You’ll love to do either of these activities with those who love to do it too.  We are blessed with local people who are close to being professionals in these areas. Bring your pictures, you will be surprised by what they become.


You will have opportunity to meet the Barclay Family.  There will be a dinner for you and the faculty and staff so you may become better acquainted with them.


Your devotional time will be enriched by the people who will be with you when you have your devotions.  Members of our staff and faculty will share times of inspiration when you may share with others your own private times with the Lord.


These will always be out and a part of your spare time during the weekend.  Whenever you want to get to yourself or with others like you, go to the tables with the puzzles and table games.